Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My List of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

  1. take a cruise to the Bahamas

  2. run a half marathon

  3. visit las vegas

  4. buy a new washing machine

  5. fly on a jetliner

  6. have friends over to my house<2/01/2009>

  7. travel Europe

  8. read entire Bible

  9. get baptized<12/14/2008>

  10. go to Macy’s Day parade

  11. bike the skyline drive from elkton to luray

  12. go to church 2 Sundays a month for four months<8/31/08>

  13. take my niece shopping

  14. go to a pro football game

  15. go to a pro baseball game<7/25/2008>

  16. go to a nascar race

  17. go canoeing

  18. get up and go for a drive one day with no directions

  19. visit more civil war battlefield sites

  20. finish my fire scrapbook

  21. start and complete my scfr scrapbook

  22. do Christmas cards 1 year<11/26/2008>

  23. call my relatives on their birthdays.

  24. get a puppy

  25. bake a cake from scratch

  26. read an entire book<1/27/2009>

  27. get a tattoo

  28. hike part of the Appalacian trail

  29. visit 6 flags

  30. buy a nice necklace

  31. start a “rainy day” fund to be kept at my house<5/01/2008>

  32. go to NYC toy show

  33. see another broadway play

  34. ride an Amtrak train

  35. run a 5k<5/10/2008>

  36. run a 10k

  37. take my family on a picnic

  38. achieve a job promotion

  39. clean house once a week for a month
  40. <6/01/2008>
  41. open a new mutual fund

  42. start an IRA<3/1/2009>

  43. go to a concert

  44. buy a small car good on gas

  45. upgrade my pc<5/31/2009>

  46. keep shoes off the floor and in the hall closet for a month<6/01/2008>

  47. take SCUBA class and become a diver

  48. visit the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial

  49. do a recruit session at local high school for new members for the fire dept.

  50. eat healthy for a week

  51. write my cousin in prison<5/21/2008>

  52. lay in bed 1 day and watch movies/dvds all day

  53. go snorkeling

  54. visit CA

  55. read from the bible every nite for 7 days<5/20/2008>

  56. have a yard sale<7/13/08>

  57. buy new curtains for house

  58. when im out to eat at a restaurant and see other firefighters who I don’t know, pay for their meal.

  59. get a massage

  60. have my youngest niece over for a sleep over

  61. visit the wildlife reserve

  62. learn to play golf

  63. play on an organized basketball team

  64. run a triathlon

  65. buy myself new clothes<9/17/08>

  66. take niece and nephew to a museum/re-enactment<7/06/2008>

  67. take a bath instead of a shower once a month for three consecutive months<12?31/2008>

  68. ride in a limo

  69. learn how to sew on buttons

  70. donate old clothes to charity

  71. help my dad plant his garden

  72. go Christmas caroling

  73. get a pedicure

  74. take my family out to eat<5/16/2009>

  75. make my own sauce to bar-b-que chicken

  76. learn to play the piano again

  77. take a self-defense course

  78. kiss in the rain

  79. make my bed each day for a week<7/14/08>

  80. plant some flowers outside my house<5/09/2008>

  81. keep jackets/shirts off of the back of the kitchen chairs for a month<6/01/08>

  82. take a nap in a hammock<6/26/08>

  83. go through file cabinet and throw away old stuff<6/26/08>

  84. go parasailing

  85. organize my fire safe<5/06/2008>

  86. bike once a week to work for two months to save gas

  87. go horseback riding

  88. help plan and organize my 20yr class reunion

  89. go to my JMU college 15yr reunion

  90. plan and start my HO gauge train layout

  91. go to my alma mater JMU homecoming<11/8/2008>

  92. call my sisters once a week for a month to check on them

  93. give kayaking a try

  94. visit my relatives in FL

  95. participate in relay for life<5/09/2008>

  96. visit my mom on her birthday.<5/24/2008>

  97. say a prayer for someone in need<6/28/08>

  98. coach a rec league sports team

  99. list 5-8 items a month on my ebay auction and store site(5 months)

  100. complete my store website

  101. get my motorcycle license

  102. review my list/success after 1001 days to see how many things I have accomplished.

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